Long Products Plants

Steel products have a crucial role to play in both today's and tomorrow's world. Wires form the basis for steel wire ropes which carry huge bridge structures, reinforcing bars give buildings their stability and rail sections ensure modern high-speed trains run safely – especially if the products are made on SMS Meer plant and machinery.

With SMS Meer section rolling mills companies today have the benefit of high-quality products. SMS Meer has introduced an extensive variety of technologies, now considered standard, which guarantee high flexibility, productivity and consistent product quality levels.

The entire state-of-the-art equipment is supplied from a single source. With its minimills, in particular, SMS Meer provides highly cost-efficient, integrated solutions, from the steel plant through the rolling mill to the further processing lines.

The section mill machinery includes:
  • Section and billet mills
  • Light section mills
  • Wire rod and bar mills
  • Drawn steel plants